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Laramie Range

The rugged Laramie Mountains are found between Douglas and Wheatland in east-central Wyoming. The range is characterized by pine forests, granite pinnacles, and horizon-dominating Laramie Peak.

Creeks are small in the Laramie Mountains, but they do hold trout. Friend Creek makes an excellent picnic site for those looking for a short stroll in the woods.

Wildlife watchers will find bighorn sheep, antelope, elk, and mule deer across the range. While white-tail deer can be found in the lower draws, black bears and mountain lions are widespread throughout the area. The range is also known for its wild turkeys, grouse, and a variety of song birds

Eager hikers can labor uphill to stand on the summit of Laramie Peak. Breaking 10,000 feet, this range's highest point provides generous views of the Laramie Mountains and eastern plains.




Roaring Fork Trail

Sunset Ridge

North Laramie River

Rock pinnacles

Black Mountain

Laramie Peak

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