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Sierra Madre

The Sierra Madre are located in south-central Wyoming along the Colorado border. There are two wilderness areas found here: Huston Park and Encampment River. The Encampment River rages through a wild canyon on the east side of the mountain range. The numerous tributaries that feed the river are also awesome displays of nature. From stunning waterfalls to placid pools, these streams beg to be explored.

The Huston Park Wilderness straddles the Continental Divide where lush meadows are found along the crest. Lower elevations have thick forests of fir, spruce, and pine. The western slope of the Sierra Madre Range supports the state's most extensive stands of aspen. Big game hunters will love elk hunting in the wilderness parks. Small game hunters aren't likely to be disappointed either. Blue grouse thrive in the spruce and fir forests.

Hog Park Reservoir is the reason most visitors come to the Sierra Madre area. The nearby campground serves as a base camp to boaters, anglers, hikers, and those who just come to sightsee. Though it's not evident when driving through the area, Hog Park has a history of mining and logging. Some remnants of this history can be found in the form of cabin ruins.





Big Creek

Continental Divide Trail

Aspen grove

Green Mountain Falls

Huston Park Wilderness

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